ExxonMobil’s Senior Engineering Advisor
on the birth of Mobil 1

'; ?> "Back in 1974, Mobil 1 synthetic motor oil began a revolution in motor oil technology that has vastly improved the performance of automobile engines.

"The original Mobil 1 synthetic oil was custom-made. The product was built from scratch from proprietary formulations and processes with a proven track record.

"This custom method of creating the highest quality of synthetic oils, a combination of ‘art and science,’ continues to this day for the Mobil 1 family.

"Synthetic is designer oil. In a laboratory we can create a lubricant with all the desirable attributes we want and none of the negatives that we can't refine out of crude.

"Almost 40 years since its launch, Mobil 1 continues to be the leader in delivering innovative solutions that allow drivers to protect and push their engines to the maximum.

"One of our favorite sayings is, ‘nothing outperforms Mobil 1 synthetic oil.’ This maxim is equally valid technically, commercially and on the racetrack.”

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